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Shanghai InfoLink Smart Technology Co.,Ltd. adhering to the business philosophy of innovate and promote the development of the industry, and high quality service, customer value achievement. Info-Link is aimed at helping the tire industry informatization and intelligent upgrading. It has high-end talents in polymer, automation, informatization and IOT etc. With national policies and industry development trends, take more than 10 years of experience in tire industry application research and development and project implementation, constantly bring forth the new products, new designs and improve the various products and solutions required by intelligent manufacturing.

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Tire Barcode

The label products developed for tire vulcanization technology can withstand the harsh production process of tires and are the information carrier that tire enterprises rely on to achieve informatization and automation.


Automatic labeling equipment

The vulcanization label automatic labeling machine can automatically peel, label, verify, and upload data for the vulcanization label in the forming process, making installation and operation convenient and easy


Laser engraving equipment

Laser etching equipment for tire tire numbers completely eliminates manual replacement of steel plate tire numbers and DOT numbers, making it clear and aesthetically pleasing. It can be applied to any surface marking etching of rubber products


High speed dynamic equalization equipment

The latest single station tire uniformity dynamic balance grading production line ATG-EVO, represented by Hoffman from Germany, has a compact structure and stable performance, and is widely used in tire quality inspection

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